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Are you a membership owner, course creator or coach? We would love to hear about your experiences as a wisdom sharer and business owner. We are all about helping others who might be looking to start a widom sharing business or expand new ways to share. So lets have a chat and book in a time that suits you.

The Wise Dome
Podcast Values


We believe that we all have something to share, be it experiences or knowledge. It is the greatest gift to share, because there is always someone who needs to hear your voice.


We all come from a variety of backgrounds in the wisdom business world. Offering a variety of perspectives, helps spark ideas. We are 100% focused on building something our listeners need and love.


We believe in the law of attraction. We all talk about the positives, but talking about the negative experiences too, and extracting something positive from any experience, we can show others they too can persevere

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What our guests are saying about Nikki....

Nikki Cali

Nikki Cali is passionate about business, and discovering how we as children to adults learn and share our wisdom. Having run her own 2 online businesses since 2007, Nikki has been creating tools to solve problems, and this includes creating a membership for her clients whilst she couldn’t travel when pregnant. Creating courses and coaching fellow membership owners and course creators has sparked Nikki’s interest in the world of learning and teaching…. 

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