Wisedome Podcast


Nikki Cali

Nikki Cali has been named BEAM Magazine’s 2022 Silver Woman to Watch for her remarkable work in creating tools that help people easily share their knowledge. She’s passionate about equipping and encouraging people to share their knowledge and help others achieve their goals.

She’s also fascinated by how we learn from childhood to adulthood. Since 2007, she has been running two successful online businesses, creating innovative tools to solve problems, including launching a membership program while she was pregnant and unable to travel.

Creating courses and coaching fellow membership owners and course creators has sparked Nikki’s interest in the world of learning and teaching, especially when it comes to those sharing their passions and wisdom online within a community.

Venturing into the online world of sharing our wisdom should not be hard, and this is why Nikki began the Wise Dome podcast. We all have something to share with the world, and hoping to earn from a wisdom business  online should not scare us. 

The way in which we inspire others amazes Nikki, and so we invite you to embark on this journey with her to discover how others share, teach and guide online. 

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