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Wise Dome lets promote you

We love what that you inspire others with your wisdom at the Wise Dome, so if you are looking for some extra and very affordable AD space, then why not purchase a couple of spots on our episodes!

  • 20 seconds
  • we will place them before or after your chat with Nikki. 
  • Your ad will promote your future chat, your website and if it’s after your own going live episode, we will also promote your offer!
  • + bonus post on our SM
  • You will also be listed on our Members – “Get in contact with” list.
  • Package valued approx (50USD – time to edit, create graphics and schedule)

Honestly, we only do this for certain bookings, so if you missed the chance to book in this little extra during your booking process, then here’s your chance for as little as 7USD (10AUD)!

Let’s Promote You!


Only for those who book with Nikki can order an AD!


$7 USD / $10AUD

(Valued at over $50)

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