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29.23 Empowering Small Businesses Through Knowledge Sharing With Arpana Patel

Arpana Patel is the inspiring owner of Knowledge Assist–a membership supporting small business owners to succeed. She helps her clients find clarity by focusing on the five business pillars: sales and marketing, technology, mindset, finances, and HR.

 In this episode, Nikki and Arpana discuss: 

  • The importance of clarity and purpose in your business 
  • The role of knowledge in your success
  • The immeasurable impact of having a dedicated team to support you
  • Ways to help your clients understand their needs 
  • How to evolve your topics and the information that you share with your audience
  • Ideas to provide value for your membership and foster lasting relationships 

Arpana’s Offer:

Grow Your Business and Change People’s Lives!

Are you a small business owner looking to grow your business skills while changing lives? Knowledge Assist is here to help you grow your business and make a difference!

Join us today and get access to:   

1. Unlimited educational resources, training, mentoring, and support tailored specifically for small business owners like you.

2. Valuable insights on taxes, bookkeeping, and business tips through videos, tutorials, and simple explanations.

3. Live events, monthly webinars with guest speakers and Q&A sessions.

4. Give back to society by contributing to a great cause – 100% of the profits from the membership are donated to Children and Women’s Charities.

5. 100% tax-deductible membership fees & GST input tax credit (if registered).

Register Now!

Collaborate With Arpana
Arpana is looking for someone to collaborate with and help Knowledge Assist with marketing. If you can contribute creative ideas, please get in touch with her at accounts@avenuesolutions.com.au to discuss potential collaboration opportunities.

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