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33.23 – Integrating Work and Home Life as a Mum Entrepreneur With Eva Rado

Eva Rado is a trained Engineer whose passion is to work with mum entrepreneurs and turn household management into a household responsibility so they can have the time to pursue their passion.

Her work has been instrumental for mums to have the focus and energy they need to run successful businesses, manage their time and overcome burnout.

In this episode, Nikki and Eva discuss:

  • How to discover your unique business offer
  • Gathering feedback to understand how your services will resonate with your audience
  • Connecting with your audience
  • The fulfilling results of seeing change in people’s lives because of your work
  • Building trust 
  • How pursuing your passion enhances your relationships 
  • Leveraging your experiences to build a thriving knowledge business
  • Organising your work and life responsibilities 
  • Maintaining harmonious relationships in your work and home
  • The difference between one-on-one coaching and one-to-many coaching
  • Eva’s advice to aspiring coaches 
  • Questions to ask when considering to venture into coaching business

Eva’s Offer:

Transform your home life and get a headspace for your business with Eva’s innovative approach to household management. It’s time to turn household responsibilities into a shared mission for the entire family. 

In this booklet, you’ll be able to:

  • Answer questions to evaluate your current situation at home
  • Understand where you’d like your household to be
  • Find balance and harmony
  • Have the energy and mental clarity to grow your business

Download the Ebook for FREE👇

Steps Towards Household Management as a WHOLE Household Responsibility

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