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Erica Webb talks to us about the evolution of her amazing SelfKind wisdom business

Today we talk to Erica Webb, the founder of the SelfKind Hub and host of the podcast SelfKind with Erica Webb. Erica is a yoga and Pilates teacher, and a somatic movement practitioner who helps her clients build self-trust, relieve physical tension, and treat themselves with kindness.

Erica Webb is an inspirer on many levels. She is a close friend who I may have only been acquainted with for 2 years, but I feel like I’ve known for a lifetime. Erica talks about the importance of taking action to realize your dreams. She shares how to achieve success in your business by putting yourself out there and evolving along with your audience’s needs.

Erica’s message of just being kind to ourselves is important on many levels, not only to her audience, but to us as wisdom business owners. If you are looking to start a membership, course or coaching program, it’s good to know that others out there are successful, not because they were strict to a plan, but because they listened and evolved with their audience.

So be kind to yourself and know you too can achieve success.

It’s ok to change, flip, scramble… Just keep your message true and your audience will stay inspired.

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SelfKind Hub is open to new members! Check out her website HERE !

Insta: @ericawebb_selfkind

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