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This episode is packed with amazing advice, along with Evan Putmans inspiring journey. From moments of dispair, to exhilaration and personal discoveries, you will love this conversation between Evans and Nikki.

Listen in as these two entrepreneurs chat about the choices we are given at certain times of need. How we need to sometimes be quiet and listen to the simple and unexpected messages that might be thrown our way. Most of all though, just believing in yourself to take that step.

Evans is a best-selling author, podcaster, expert speaker and business coach who helps entrepreneurs build million-dollar businesses with his Podcast Sales Machine Blueprint .

An entrepreneur for 20+ years, Evans has tasted both success and failure along his journey as both business owner, husband and father. Before stepping into his role as Coach and Consultant, his previous business was days away shutting down. That all changed when he found a unique recipe for turning on a steady stream of traffic, leads and dream clients using a podcast sales funnel. His goal now is to create more positive impact by serving the entrepreneurs who have felt the calling to serve and change lives.

Today we are spoilt with opportunities to share our voices, messages and wisdom. By doing so we are even given the chance to earn through memberships, courses and by coaching others. Inspiring others to grow is a passion for many and some is do this through podcasts.. Like Wise Dome!

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See you next time, Nikki x

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The Offer

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