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44 – How to Stop Self-Sabotaging and Achieve Self-Confidence with Paul Levitin

Sabotaging yourself is a sneaky way to defeat yourself. It can pop up at any time, and it will try to turn your life into one big mess of regrets and second-guessing.

In today’s episode, we are excited to have Paul Levitin. Paul is Behavioral Change Specialist, certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, confidence and happiness coach and a writer. He has helped many millennial professionals get unstuck and succeed in life.

In today’s episode, Nikki and Paul discuss:

  • How self-sabotaging thoughts undermine your success
  • Choosing a coaching style that works for you and your audience
  • How sharing your expertise can help you grow personally and professionally
  • Strategies you can use to get started in your coaching business
  • The importance of coaching in helping people achieve their goals
  • The questions to ask to overcome self-sabotage
  • How to build trust for your business

Paul’s Advice to Aspiring Knowledge Sharers

  • Know what you’re going into
  • Be real with people
  • Find that thing that you’re passionate about; the thing that you’re going to go all in on

Paul Offer:

Start building your dream life with Paul’s FREE masterclass:

How to Quit Quitting: The 5 Human Tendencies That Lead To Self-Sabotage.

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