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45 – Helping Women Entrepreneurs Scale with Confidence and Clarity With Racquel Collard

Racquel is a marketing expert who helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses. She is passionate about her work and loves nothing more than seeing her clients succeed. Racquel is working on a marketing book to help women entrepreneurs build their businesses from the ground up.

In addition, she is developing a marketing course for entrepreneurs so they can expand their businesses even further.

In this episode, Nikki chats with Racquel about:

  • Creating a marketing strategy that converts leads into customers
  • How to effectively reach your target audience
  • How to work out your niche?
  • Tried and tested processes to help you scale your business on a budget
  • How to be consistent in your marketing efforts and why it matters.
  • What is value-based pricing, and how can it benefit your business?
  • What you need to know about business planning in order to succeed
  • The key factors to consider when developing a training program

Racquel’s fantastic advice to aspiring knowledge sharers:

“Get really clear on who your ideal client is, what problems they’re facing, and how you can help them fix this problem. This is the core of building a good relationship and should be the basis of your communications with prospects and clients. Get that right, and you’ll attract the right clients to you.”

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